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Welcome to the website of Dennis Veugelers from Nieuwstadt (NL).

Since 1996 Dennis plays under the guidance of his father Peter and mother Annie with racing pigeons, which are located at the grachtstraat 30, Nieuwstadt.

The strain of the pigeons, leads us back to the seventies.
Father Peter and grandpa Thei bought in 1977 two direct pigeons of Gust Hofkens from Merksplas (Be). One of these birds was coupled to a hen from Piet Meevissen from Meerssen (NL), which afterwards proved to be a great breeding pair. These birds were crossed with the new acquisitions bought from the Gebr. Scheele from Terneuzen in the eighties.
Shortly after the first provincial victory is reality. In 1982 we achieved the 1st NPO Bourges.

In 1992 we won the 1st Nat. Munich with a grandson of the breeding pair Hofkes x Meevissen.

A full sister of the 1st Nat. Munich 1992, the NL93-1558611, was coupled with a direct Meulemans cock. The pair B94-6685887 x NL93-1558611, became the basic pair of Dennis Veugelers. Descendants of this couple achieved the following results:

1st Nat.    Munich     1992
1st Nat.    Munich     2000
1st Nat.    Munich     2002
1st Nat.    Munich     2004
1st Nat.    Munich     2005
1st Nat.    Blois         2010
1st Prov.  Rethel      2010
1st Prov.  Sezanne  2011
1st NPO    Bergerac 2013